Programs and Events

LIFT services the community with educational workshops and experiential projects that strengthen literacy.

Advertising and Commercials Workshops

Campers learn how strong creative writing can be used in advertising. Students become entrepreneurs as they learn how to create their company logo, design their advertising flyer, write scripts, and film their commercials using a high-tech green screen.

Become a Movie Critic

Students study film production with 15 weeks of lessons. In addition, students learn how to craft a movie critique using proper opinion writing essay structure.  This exciting opportunity promotes writing literacy, as well as introduces students to a career in film and journalism.

Become a Published Author

Students study creative writing from concept to publication. In this 12 week course, students learn all the necessary writing concepts to write and publish their own short story, including common core and milestone curriculum. Each student’s work is published as a digital eBook on

Therapeutic Journaling

Journaling offers an outlet to capture, on paper, the thoughts and beliefs that are important to students. Whether it is through the eyes of a fictional character or personal memoirs, allowing students’ words to take flight can create a sense of assurance and in some instances, a resolution to issues that plague them. Students are given journals and a daily experience that may include meditation, obstacle courses, gardening, etc, to center their thoughts and allow free expressive writing.

Behind the Scenes

Students learn what is required to turn writing into a career. In conjunction with local businesses, and government establishments, students will visit the following:

  • A movie studio to learn the job of a scriptwriter
  • A television news station to learn the job of a journalist
  • An author’s work room to learn the job of a writer
  • A university to learn the job of a creative writing professor
  • A newspaper to learn the job of a columnist and editor
  • A media business to learn the job of a content writer
  • A business to learn the job of an advertising agent
  • A political office to learn the job of a speech writer
  • A press office to learn how to write press releases

Schools & Organizations We’ve Helped

Connecticut Reed Elementary
Connecticut South Cobb Recreation Center
Connecticut Granville Academy
Georgia Davis Park Community Center
Georgia Boys and Girls Club
Georgia Browns Mill Elementary
Georgia Stonecrest Library
Georgia Marietta Central Library
Georgia Augusta Literary Festival