Our Mission

Literacy is Fun Too,(L.I.F.T.) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit literacy organization providing creative opportunities and experiences designed to improve children’s reading, writing, and computer literacy skills at the primary and secondary levels, particularly for minority and disadvantaged students.

In just ten short weeks, Literacy is Fun Too, get’s kids excited about reading and writing. Our project-based experiential programs provide an opportunity for kids to learn how great literacy skills can lead to great careers. At the end of our program, students showcase their accomplishment. The pure light that emits from their faces as they achieve success is mesmerizing and contagious. Their whole trajectory in life has now forever changed, and that’s when we know L.I.F.T. has made a difference.

Our Why

Our members and community share what literacy means.

Who we are and why we’re passionate about literacy

The specific objectives and purpose of our nonprofit literacy program are to:

  1. Teach boys and girls literacy skills that will encourage a love for reading, writing, and computer technology.
  2. Build confidence and self-esteem.
  3. Introduce students to the variety of careers that utilize writing.
  4. Improve comprehension and focus.
  5. Coach administrators and teachers on how to incorporate project-based writing.

To service disenfranchised communities and at-risk youth, our educational non-profit organization offers:

  • Student assemblies and workshops
  • Teaching residencies
  • In-school or after-school workshops
  • Individual or group tutoring
  • Confidence building mentorship
  • Creative events and activities in the media and communications career fields

Our Need

Spread the word. It’s easy to become an advocate for L.I.F.T. by sharing what we do on social media. Do you know of a school that struggles with increasing their literacy rate? Contact us. Financial support is critical to our mission. Why not become a sponsor? Without you, our work wouldn’t be possible. Get involved and help us L.I.F.T. them up.

Learn about our sponsorship program here.